Saturday, December 11

evacuate the dancefloor .

Turn up the music let's get out on the floor , i like to move it come and give me some more . Watch me getting physical , out of control there's people watching , we will never miss a beat .

Hey apple , you the sexyy , nom nom nom . Out with mommy in the noon , cheryl , tomson , harry and johann came over my place at night . Dinner at star cafe and i had cheese baked rice , dayuumm . Headed to euphoria MOS right after dinner . I got daddy mommy's permission to club and they can even asked if its fun , dayumm . Euphoria ministry of sound dance floor is always love , edward baby boy is so cutee !&*^#&(E)(!*@^() Soju for yumcha session right after club , i have been going clubbing too much : D

Dinner at star cafe with chaotoot(s)
Harryyy , ke ai daoo .

Tomson , Harry .

Cheryl laopo .

( : uɐnɥ ıx oʍ ` ǝǝǝq

The boobie act by tomson and harry , haha : D

Bee's eye is just so pretty , i want his eye but he doesn't want to give it to me * pinch his face *

& then sunway pyramid with the blue bling bling lightnings : )

Its EUPHORIA ministry of sound : )
Always party like its the end of the world , mix tape on saturday with the vibrating dance floor is love always .

CK  : D

Pauline , tattooo : )

( : ʎʎoq ʎqɐq pɹɐʍpә

Kokyuan : D

She-male : )

Soju , rice wine nom nom nom nom ; D

Dancing is a body language ,
Showed physically .
- the end -